First of all, we would like to thank you for being a valued customer of us.

I hope all of you are aware of that the domain name prices are not under our control. The prices of the domain names are controlled by their respective registries. Based on the contact in between the registries and the domain names' governing body (ICANN), a registry is allowed to increase the fees it charges registrars (companies like us) by up to 7% a year.

With previous registry increases we tried to avoid passing the increases onto our customers. But after years of holding back we eventually needed to rebalance our pricing structure and ensure that you are getting a quality service. 

The registration prices for the domain names are as follows after the price hike;
.COM - Rs.1350
.NET - Rs.1300
.ORG - Rs.1350
.BIZ - Rs.750 (Previously Rs.1000)

There won't be any changes for the domain renewal fees at the moment, we will try out best to keep them as they are.

Even after these changes, still we are the provider which provides lowest prices throughout Sri Lanka;

.COM Rs.1350 Rs.1400 Rs.1600 Rs.1800
.NET Rs.1300 Rs.1400 Rs.1500 Rs.1500~
.ORG Rs.1350 Rs.1400 Rs.1500 Rs.1500~
.BIZ Rs.750 Rs.1400 Rs.1400 Rs.1500~

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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