So far, it’s been a great 2016. We’ve improved our services in multiple ways and have been working on some very cool new features and upcoming releases. However, our package ranges and the prices have not been changed for last 4 years. There would be a small price hike for new packages in order to provide you enhanced features and services.


Several clients who are currently using our Linux basic hosting package range informed us about performance related issues of the websites, we have decided to implement SSD storage for all our hosted packages to enhance the performance of all the websites.

Some clients had issues with the abuse resolution process, we are happy to inform that we planning to enable more flexibility throughout the abuse resolution process in order to support you to recover your services faster than ever before.

Major technological changes

- SSD storage for all the shared web hosting packages offered by us

- 99.99% guaranteed uptime throughout the year with automatic failover during a hardware/network failure

- Triple data replication (our servers will be replicated across three different data centers)

- Highly optimized Xeon E5 v3@ 3.1 GHz processors (Average CPU mark - 17713)

- Fully powered by OpenStack cloud platform for better reliability and scalability

Major service level changes

- Daily malware screening to prevent infections and immediate/automated removal of malware without any additional fee

- Better and friendly abuse resolution process, no service fee for the first abuse.

- Full guidance and support to secure hosted scripts.

New pricing model

- Existing accounts will will not be effected by these price changes as long as you renew your existing package. You don't have to be worried about paying any additional fee at all :)

- The new package range and pricing structure will be only applicable for new orders.

- Packages will be starting from Rs.900/year

- New package range will be introduced from 1st May, 2016

Why these changes?

LKWebHosting is continually learning and evolving as a company. We’ve had the opportunity to experiment a lot in the quest to optimize the business for how people use the products and want to pay for them. We have listened to you :); In order to provide a quality and a better service, we are upgrading our backend services.

New pricing model will be a good and a sustainable fit for years to come. Please send your feedbacks to

Sales and Billing Department

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

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