Thank you for being a valued reseller of LKWebHosting. You are receiving this important notification because you are an active reseller account holder. This is to update you on the impact caused due to cPanel's massive  price hike.

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As some of you might be already aware, cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its recent price rise announcement. They have changed its pricing model from a per server pricing to a per account model. Because of these changes, we are unable to provide the same pricing structure and we will have to reconsider the pricing structure for our resellers. In order to sustain in this situation, LKWebHosting will revise the pricing structure for our resellers to "per account model". We, at LKWebHosting observed the structure closely to reduce the impact to the reseller customers as much as possible.

The proposed structure is as follows;

  • Initially allowed cPanel accounts (regardless the package and existing allowed accounts) = 10
  • Cost for each additional cPanel account = Rs.50/per month or Rs.500/per year (based on the billing term).

Example: If you are using Linux Reseller 1 package and created only 10 or less cPanels under your WHM, you will not be impacted and your fee will remain the same - Rs.6500/year. If you already have 15 accounts, the prices will be charged since you have 5 additional cPanel accounts beyond the free limit. In that case, the renewal fee would be Rs.6500 + Rs.2500 (Rs.500 per account x 5).

All our existing reseller customer's renewal fee will be revised between 10th July and 30th July. You have 7 more days to remove unnecessary cPanel accounts in order to reduce your renewal fees.

If you have any additional question or a concern, please drop an email to

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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