How to get the full advantage of LKWebHosting managed WordPress Hosting?

With managed WordPress Hosting offered by LKWebHosting, your website is practically hacker proof, up-to date and always secure (Click Here).  LKWebHosting uses centralized management tools to optimize, manage, secure multiple WordPress installations and we will also weekly perform a central audit to detect vulnerabilities, perform pending updates and take secure backups.

Please follow these guidelines to install WordPress on your website and to add them to our automation to enable safeguards.

1. Please install WordPress on your website - you can simply use Softaculos to get this done (Please login to your cPanel and then navigate to Softaculous to install WordPress instantly).
2. If you want to have multiple WordPress installations, you will have to add the additional domain names as addon domain name before installing WordPess (How to add an addon domain name?). Please repeat the above step (1) to install WordPress on addon domain names as well.
3. Once it's done, please set a temporary passwords for WordPress admin user and reply to your ticket in the format, WordPressURL/Username/Password. If you have addon domain names, please include them as well;
4. Then we will add your website/s to our automation to optimize them and enable safeguards (you will see some additional plugins installed on your WordPress sites. We are using them to manage your WordPress website remotely, please do not remove them).
5. Once this it is done, we will update your ticket and then you can change your admin passwords.
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