Web Audio Player

The flash player we would recommend you use with SHOUTcast/Icecast is Muses Radio Player (formerly ffmp3).

Note: The player only supports MP3, AAC+ and Ogg streams.

Please use the following website to generate the embedded code for your website;

For Muses Flash Player the correct URLs syntax is as follows:

SHOUTcast 1

The URL will always be in this format: http://streamip:port/;stream.mp3

SHOUTcast 2

The URL will most likely be: http://streamip:port/stream


The URL for most customers will be: http://streamip:port/stream

The above URL is correct assuming you are using autodj on the /autodj mountpoint, or you stream from your encoder to the /live or /stream mountpoint. If you stream to any other mountpoint, such as /example, your stream URL would be: http://streamip:port/example

Note: In most cases you should stream to /live. If you do this, you can still use http://streamip:port/stream to 'tune in' to your broadcast on /live

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